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Helping Presenters reach their Goals

Employing evidence based strategies we assist clients to manage anxiety and develop strong, confident presentation skills so they can perform their best when it counts.

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Gave me the insights and strategies to be authentically me - to be comfortable, calm and to feel good about myself speaking to an audience

Adam Blatch, CEO, Feel The Magic

What we do

Individual Coaching

Performers and Presenters can book one on one coaching and counselling sessions to manage anxiety, overcome onstage trauma or stage fright and develop or regain performance confidence.

Performance Anxiety Workshops

Secondary and tertiary students learn how to manage performance anxiety using evidence based strategies. Delivered as a series or as a stand-alone session, face to face or online.

Presentation Skills Workshops

Looking to have your team deliver your message clearly and succinctly with confidence? This practical program works to develop polished presentation skills and develop performance confidence, whatever the circumstances.

Teacher Workshops

Come away with an understanding of how to to manage performance anxiety in students, identify triggers and create a performance culture that fosters strong performance outcomes and receptivity to critical appraisal.

Online Professional Development

For Dance, Drama and Music Teachers, Performing Arts PD is an online portal delivering best-practice professional development specific to the performing arts context. Written by experienced performing arts educators these courses are full of practical pedagogy to improve performance outcomes. 

Online Presentation Skills Course - Coming Soon

An online masterclass for Corporate Presenters to master anxiety and deliver with confidence.

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